Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Motivation: The power of autonomy

Hello and welcome to my blog.  When I started my academic career, I received sage advice from my graduate advisor that I should think about how my research will "change the way people think about science."  This advice has stuck with me, and motivates nearly everything my lab does.

In addition to thinking about research, I've learned from my former advisors that it is perhaps even more important to think about things such as innovation, motivation, leadership, and mentoring.  Gains in these areas make us better at everything we do, and give more meaning to our life goals than a simple research accomplishment can provide.  So, I am always on the lookout for things that inspire me and change the way I think, and hope to share some of those here.

As my first entry, I wanted to highlight this video of Dan Pink's TED talk on what really motivates us.  This is twenty minutes of video that explains scientifically why I had so much fun working in my former advisors' labs, and draws a perfect picture of how I aspire to run my lab - hire great people and give them the freedom to do great things. Enjoy!